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About RELM Wireless

The high-specification, two-way communication equipment produced for almost 70 years has proven that RELM Wireless Corporation’s massive success is more than just a passing trend. Their prosperity as an American Manufacturer has allowed them to provide unsurpassed reliability and value to clients from many walks of life. Their products make possible the jobs of a wide range of commercial and industrial companies as well as public safety and government agencies. Portable radios, mobile radios, and base stations work as long and hard as those who use them, making RELM a true cornerstone of American business nationwide.

Our Marketing Strategy For RELM Wireless

With a dated website hindering their ability to compete fairly in a complex field, RELM Wireless approached us with a need for unique functionalities included in their website, including a “find a dealer” function that would make web navigation a breeze. The Black Tie team didn’t disappoint! Their simple, aesthetically pleasing website is a success that we can claim right alongside the RELM Wireless Marketing Department, who we worked with extensively. The new and improved, high-functioning website competes not just at the same level, but well beyond.

“Our RELM Wireless website was in dire need of a large scale redesign. When I met Scott and the rest of the Black Tie Digital team, I thought they were creative and professional workaholics who love a challenge; so I gave them one. Black Tie finished our site in a timely manner and we are very pleased with the end result – a technologically advanced site with SEO features and a custom, creative design that complements our corporate image.”

Derrick Oppelt | RELM Wireless

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