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About Vero VIP Dental

Recent UCF Dental School graduate Dr. Jeff Brown is the owner of Vero VIP Dental and committed to treating his patients with the utmost compassion and comprehensive care. Using the experience he gained in school, Dr. Brown performs top-tier periodontal treatment with the confidence his patients deserve. The practice treats each day as another opportunity to perfect the craft of dentistry, and improve the lives of Vero Beach patients through “VIP treatment.” From grafting and dental implant procedures to routine periodontal cleanings, Dr. Brown treats you like the most important part of his day.

Our Marketing Strategy For Vero VIP Dental

Building a practice from the ground up may sound impossible, but for Dr. Brown, it was more of a dream. He approached us with only a concept, and entrusted us to take that concept and turn it into something tangible. With creative freedom to guide us, we invented his practice from the top down, creating everything from the name to the website, brand, branding collateral, patient referral pads, all the way down to the personalized envelopes patients receive from Vero VIP Dental. Dr. Brown’s excellence shines through our creation, matching perfectly the care he provides for his patients.

“As a referral based doctor, our website is the first opportunity for many of our patients to get to know myself, my staff and my office space. My patients are impressed with my website's cutting edge platform and enjoy researching where they will be having their next appointment. Additionally, I cannot put into words what a fabulous job Black Tie Digital has done for my business marketing strategy and social media presence.”

Dr. Jeff Brown | Vero VIP Dental

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