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About Zipper Urogynecology

Zipper Urogynecology is a leading center for the treatment of pelvic floor dysfunction, overactive bladder, and incontinence disorders, centering around an older female population. With a population of mostly 50-80 year-old women, Dr. Ralph Zipper and Dr. James Raders are passionate about delivering care compassionately and privately, with the end goal of creating a positive situation for their patients. The doctors have performed more InterStim treatments, Botox injections for Overactive Bladder Disorder, Coaptite Implantations, and NO-MESH prolapse surgeries than any other female pelvic medicine center in Florida. Being greeted with smiles, treated with privacy, and left with empowerment, this practice prides itself on the confidence of others, and are inventors of numerous groundbreaking, patented technologies available nowhere else in the world.

Our Marketing Strategy For Zipper Urogynecology

Working with a seasoned female target demographic had Dr. Ralph Zipper searching for a way to connect. Knowing that we were working with a world-renowned Urogynecologist and inventor of various medical devices, the Black Tie team knew we had our work cut out for us. Dr. Zipper wasn’t interested in touting his own accomplishments and using his website as a huge self-promotion, rather, he was looking for a brand and site that would help his patients recall their younger days. We chose to highlight that sentiment through nostalgia and a vintage design. For his patients to feel comfortable, we were having the brand and website reminisce over the “good ol’ days” to mirror his practice. The answer to Dr. Zipper’s prayers was a heavily stylized website, with every customized graphic popping with color. Making this happen alongside a brand reinvention and eight new ads has led to revolutionary success for the practice.

“If you’re running a business like I do, I’m sure you have similar frustrations; people who are happy with mediocrity, people who over-promise and under-deliver. Black Tie and Scott were a homerun find for me. They do just the opposite. They under-promise and they over-deliver, and they exceed all my expectations. I love you Scott. I love you Black Tie. Thank you very much.”

Dr. Ralph Zipper | Zipper Urogynecology

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