Duda Sod

About Duda Sod

Forty years of experience growing varieties of sod and turf grass that appeal to Florida’s warm, toasty climate makes Duda Sod the father of beautifying Florida lawns with the environment in mind. The Duda namesake has spread rapidly throughout the state, as the family name is a hallmark of Florida living. Today, the company’s passion is just as strong and focused as it was when they began, and they’ve continued to integrate sod grass varieties that require less water, chemicals, and fertilizers to make lawn care as simple and Florida-friendly as possible.

Our Marketing Strategy For Duda Sod

With a lackluster website that hindered their ability to compete in the “field,” Duda Sod approached us with a clear desire: an exceptional website and appropriate brand that would educate their clients and display their one-of-a-kind sod blends. It didn’t take long for Black Tie to match that one-of-a-kind quality in their new website! We’ve met and even exceeded Duda Sod’s dream for a successful, innovative brand, and continue to do so with our insight into ever-changing trends that help their organic search engine rankings soar to the heights of their business.

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