Considered the world’s most complete food source, LENTEIN is a high-protein food product that contains the nutritional qualities of water lentils. LENTEIN is the offshoot of the larger organization, Parabel. This incredible, award-winning, protein-packed plant powder is capable of positively impacting the world, starting with an individual’s nutrition and blossoming all the way to the world’s food supply. These little wonders are grown in an aqua farm and extracted through a cold-water process, and have grown in popularity in the health food and environmentalist universes.

Our Marketing Strategy For LENTEIN

Parabel’s marketing team found that despite LENTEIN’s positive attributes, their efforts to educate web users quickly and easily were futile. After approaching us with the desire to create a website as unique as their product, they gave us a gateway into the health food and sustainability world to provide them with award-winning service. Creating a custom, 60-second explainer video alongside custom graphics on a one-page design site proved to be just what was necessary, and warranted wild success. It didn’t end there. After the project was completed, LENTEIN took their product to the 2015 IFT Food Festival in Chicago, IL, and was bestowed the Food Product of the Year award, which they attributed to not just their product but also to the video and educational content we created.

“Black Tie helped me bring my own thoughts into words and visuals. As a team they understand swiftly what you want achieve and help you reach your goals!”

Cecilia Wittbjer | LENTEIN

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